Apps that Help Track Senior Fitness Goals & Exercises

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Apps that Help Track Senior Fitness Goals & Exercises

Recent research has supported the idea that seniors can enjoy better health and an improved quality of life by getting regular exercise. Technology can also play a role when it comes to tracking the fitness of older adults. Apps in particular can provide crucial information that makes it easy for seniors to measure their progress with fitness programs.

There are now many apps that can track metrics like heart rate, calories burned, distance covered and more. Such apps are used by walkers, joggers, hikers and people working out at fitness centers. While fitness apps can be helpful for anyone, many seniors are starting to discover how convenient they can be. Here are some of the best apps that support senior fitness, presented by the Centennial elder care experts at Home Care Assistance.

  1. iTreadmillis appropriate for someone seeking a simple and easy to use app. It’s been recommended by Harvard Medical, WeightWatcher’s, Oprah’s O Magazine and many others. It’s basically a pedometer that tracks your motion, with a lot of additional features! It also tracks metrics such as distance, average pace, calories burned and steps. This app is only available for iPhone and iPad users.
  1. Fitness Buddy is a versatile app that describes many different exercises, many of which are suitable for seniors. There are detailed descriptions, animations and videos of exercises. The app also tracks important metrics such as weight and body measurements. There is a free version of Fitness Buddy as well as a premium version that is only $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.
  1. RunKeeperis a simple app that is mainly designed to track your pace and distance. While it’s called RunKeeper, it’s equally useful for walking and cycling. This app works in conjunction with the GPS of your phone. There are versions for both iPhone and Android. The app also makes it easy to post your progress to social networks for seniors looking to track fitness with friends and family!

For seniors who did not grow up in the digital age, the hardest part of using apps is often how to download them and understanding how they work. Apps, however, are often very simple once someone is shown how to use them. So encourage your aging parent or loved one to test out some of the above apps and help them through the process of downloading and using it. It’s a great way to promote fitness and for seniors, being able to track and view goals and accomplishments can help instill a sense of pride and self-esteem.

For more information on senior fitness, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Centennial. We provide balanced care for seniors in the comfort of home, offering both hourly and live-in care in Centennial and the South Metro Denver area. To find out how we can help your aging parent or loved one enhance quality of life, call 303-957-3100 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager.


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