Can Seniors Prevent Stroke by Taking Aspirin

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The Risks and Benefits of Aspirin

Advertisements for aspirin commonly include claims about the pain medication’s ability to prevent heart attacks and strokes. While clinical data does support this claim, the Food and Drug Administration determined in 2014 that aspirin might not have a preventative effect on every senior following an aspirin regimen. In fact, Centennial stroke care experts learned that for some seniors the risks from side effects could potentially outweigh any benefits.

Does Aspirin Really Prevent Stroke?

According to the FDA, aspirin is mostly effective in preventing stroke among seniors who have already had a heart attack, stroke, or who have been diagnosed with another cardiovascular disease. For seniors who have already experienced a cardiovascular event, taking 80 milligrams of aspirin each day could prevent a recurrent event.

An aspirin regimen helps reduce stroke and heart attack risk by preventing the blood from clotting and blocking arteries. So far, clinical tests have been unable to prove that aspirin prevents stroke in seniors who have no history of stroke or heart attack. The FDA also cautions that even people with a family history of stroke, heart attack or cardiovascular disease may not get any benefits from taking aspirin if they have not had a heart attack or stroke. Furthermore, any senior following an aspirin regimen, including those who may not experience any benefits, may still experience side effects such as stomach ulcers, bleeding, and other issues. Bleeding in the brain and stomach may also occur, especially if the senior also takes other blood thinners such as warfarin.

Should My Elderly Loved One Follow an Aspirin Regimen?

Ultimately, seniors should take questions about using aspirin for stroke prevention to their doctors. Doctors can advise seniors of whether aspirin is a viable therapy, the correct dosage, and possible side effects they may experience.

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