3 Superfoods That Help Seniors Stay Sharp

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3 Superfoods That Help Seniors Stay Sharp

The older we get, the more important it is to eat right. Seniors who consume nutritious foods that meet the body’s needs are mentally sharper and more energetic. However, some foods can help you get there faster than others.

At Home Care Assistance, a nutritious diet is a key component of our Balanced Care Method™, which is incorporated into each plan of care to promote health and longevity. While there are many options for nutritious foods, we wanted to present our three favorite superfoods that power the brain and boost psychological clarity better than anything else on your plate.

  1. Fish – You may have heard that fish is like “brain food.” As a major protein source and a top wellspring of omega-3 fatty acids, eating fish a couple times a week promotes mental lucidity. Those omega-3 fatty acids are precursors to efficient learning, mental concentration, and most memory processes in the brain. Most types of fish will do the trick, but the best suppliers of omega-3s are fatty fish like herring, salmon and mackerel, according to researchers.
  2. Greek Yogurt – Older adults need healthy sources of protein and vitamin-rich dairy products to stay alert and strong. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get protein and calcium in the same dish? You can! That’s the beauty of yogurt. One cup of Greek yogurt, the strained variety, has as much protein as a small steak and as much calcium as a tall glass of milk. Protein-dense foods like yogurt help the body manufacture amino acids, the building blocks of mental acuity.
  3. Apples – You may already know that apples are highly nutritious, but that’s not the end of their benefits. Apples also have a cleansing effect on internal organs, perfect for getting rid of accumulated toxins in the body that increase exposure to certain kinds of dementia. The flavonoids in apples are helpful, too. Neurologists believe a diet rich in flavonoids slows cognitive decline. Remarkably, the components of apples can also suppress the expression of genes associated with aging. An apple a day literally helps you stay young!

These three foods pack a nutritional punch that can’t be beat and are easy to incorporate into a senior’s regular diet plan. Are you interested in learning more about senior nutrition and health? Reach out to Home Care Assistance of Centennial, CO, a leading senior care provider serving families in the South Suburban Metro Denver area.

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