Preparing for a Doctor Appointment

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Preparing for a Doctor Appointment

At Home Care Assistance, we stress the importance of routine doctor visits for our senior clients! Seniors who see their doctor on a regular basis are able to receive routine screenings to monitor health and wellness and can reduce their risk for health problems and advanced illness. While a doctor appointment is beneficial to older adults, they can sometimes be met with nervousness. Seniors often experience a range of emotions from fear of a painful procedure to simply being anxious about meeting a new physician.

If you provide care for an aging parent or loved one, here are a few tips that can help your loved one prepare for their doctor appointment. This way, they can get the most out of their upcoming visit without having to deal with unnecessary anxiety:

  • Write down Questions Beforehand
    During a doctor appointment, it is normal for a person to be distracted by new information, causing them to forget about questions or symptoms they intended on mentioning. For this reason, it is important for senior adults to discuss new symptoms and to jot down what questions they need to remember to ask the physician. If your aging loved one is undergoing a surgery or medical procedure, be sure to write down any questions about post-hospital care needs and assistance.
  • Review What to Expect during the Appointment
    Senior adults who are nervous about an upcoming appointment may find it beneficial to explore what they should expect during their exam. This can be done by speaking with the doctor office staff or by researching how certain procedures are performed. If the doctor is new, an initial “meet and greet” visit can be scheduled so that a senior adult can get to know their doctor before having an exam.
  • Arrange for a Loved One to Come Along
    Most doctors make keeping their patient’s comfort a priority and understand that some senior adults prefer to bring along a trusted family member who can provide moral support. A family member can not only provide notes to the seniors doctor regarding new symptoms and questions, but he or she will also take note of any new medications and provide essential health advice. If you cannot accompany your aging loved one to an appointment,

Although a visit to the doctor is important, it is also normal to have some apprehension regarding an upcoming visit. Seniors who prepare ahead of time by writing down questions and arranging for a loved one to accompany them will be able to lessen feelings of anxiety so that they can make the most of their next doctor appointment.

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