How to Promote Independence for Seniors

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How to Promote Elderly Independence

The loss of independence is a common fear among senior adults who may struggle with their daily tasks as their physical and mental health changes. This can often pose a challenge for family caregivers whose main goal is to protect their loved one’s well-being. Yet, it is possible to find a happy medium for both older adults and their families by utilizing the following strategies that will promote independence while also keeping seniors safe.

Utilize New Technology

Today, senior adults have more ways to make independent living possible than ever before. If you provide home care for an aging parent or loved one, consider installing security systems with emergency buttons that can be used to call for help should a health problem arise when your loved one is alone. Video access can also be set up so that long-distance family members can check on their loved one. Automatic medication dispensers and lighting can also safeguard seniors from common accidents that could impact their health.

Adjust the Plan to Meet New Need

As a person ages, his or her plan for independent living may need to be adjusted as well. For example, seniors who lose mobility or strength may need to use special devices to accomplish their daily tasks such as specially-designed cookware when preparing meals. It may also be necessary to rearrange the living space to provide access for wheelchairs and walking aids. For seniors whose safety may be threatened as a result of a health condition or change in ability, a home caregiver could be the ideal solution, offering assistance with daily tasks to ensure safety and comfort while promoting independence.

Encourage Regular Social Contact

Seniors who live independently are at risk for feelings of isolation which can be combated by encouraging regular social interaction. Caregivers should arrange for regular check-ins that can serve the dual purpose of making sure that the senior is healthy while also providing a chance for conversation. Active seniors may enjoy going on outings or simply spending a few minutes online emailing their friends and family.

By taking a multi-layered approach to promoting independence, families can help their loved one transition through the aging process with their dignity and self-confidence in place.

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