5 Factors That Trigger Dementia

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5 Triggers That Affect Seniors with Dementia in Centennial, CO

While scientists continue to look for answers to dementia and Alzheimer’s, there are ways that Centennial dementia in-home care providers can help seniors overcome environmental triggers. Following are five common triggers that can increase discomfort, anger and irritability in people with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

1. Light

Stop for a moment and think about the last time that you were out in the dark in an area that you were not really familiar with. If you found that to be an intimidating experience, then you understand a little of what seniors with dementia feel when the lighting is too dim. This environmental factor is complicated further when senior aren’t familiar with their surroundings or simply forget where they are.

2. Noise

Think of a time that you were in a place where it was so loud that you wanted to leave as quickly as possible. Too many sounds or sounds that are too loud confuse seniors with dementia and can cause them to lash out at their Centennial, CO, Alzheimer’s or dementia caregivers. It’s important to pay attention to the area’s sounds to make sure your loved one isn’t bothered by the noise.

3. Crowds

If you were ever a parent, then you may vividly recall wanting to go to the bathroom for five blissful minutes alone. Yet you found yourself followed by little ones. That is the experience of many seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia. While it may not be safe for them to be there alone, respect their privacy as much as possible as it can cause them to feel crowded and can cause them to lash out.

4. Losing Items

If you have ever spent time looking for your lost keys or your lost wallet, then you can relate to what your senior loved one may be experiencing. The problem is that they live in every day without being able to recall where they put anything and without being able to retrace their steps.

5. Temperature

If you have ever thought that you were going to freeze to death before you got to someplace warm, then you can start to understand what the senior with dementia or Alzheimer’s is feeling. It’s important for seniors to maintain a comfortable temperature because being too hot or too cold can lead to agitation.

Thinking through these scenarios helps caregivers understand something of what their seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s experience. For help managing your loved one’s cognitive disorder in the comfort of home, contact Centennial, CO, Home Care Assistance at (303) 957-3100. Our premier memory care is specially customized to meet each client’s unique needs. Call today to have one of our experienced Care Managers schedule a free consultation.


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