Unexpected Sources of Stress for Seniors

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Stress Sources for Elderly

Life after retirement is not always as relaxing as one would hope. Many senior adults face stressors in their daily life that are not always experienced or recognized as stressful by younger adults. In addition to multiple losses of loved ones and financial strains, Centennial Home Care Assistance presents a few unexpected sources of stress that can arise in the senior years to help older adults and their loved ones prepare.

Changing Roles

After retirement, many seniors struggle with finding a purpose in life that can continue after their career. It is common for a person to grieve their past roles as they try to find ways to adjust to their new lifestyle. Seniors whose children take on a caregiving role in their life may also find it challenging to adapt to the changing family relationships.

Meal Planning and Preparation

Throughout a person’s life, eating meals is given very little thought except for making the decision regarding what to eat. Yet, older adults often struggle with this basic daily task due to a lack of mobility and health changes that can affect their appetite. Struggling to open a can or dreading the prospect of eating alone can be a serious source of stress for seniors.

Holidays and Special Events

The holidays are supposed to be a time of merriment; however, special dates and events can often serve as a painful reminder of the loved ones a senior has lost over the years. Senior adults with memory loss may also worry about being overwhelmed at social gatherings where they may not always remember names or past events.

Managing a Daily Routine

The aging process can affect a senior’s ability to complete even some of the most basic daily tasks, and fears about falling or losing their independence can contribute to stress. For example, a senior who has difficulty stepping over the shower ledge may begin to worry early in the day about how they will bathe. Over time, these smaller worries can add up to significant stress that affects a senior’s health and quality of life.

If you feel as if your loved one is stressed or is overwhelmed by their daily tasks, ensure their safety and maximize comfort with help from the highly trained caregivers at Home Care Assistance of Centennial. Our compassionate caregivers offer flexible hourly and live-in care in Centennial and the South Metro Denver area, and can also provide companionship and emotional support to help minimize feelings of stress and anxiety.

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