What Families Need to Know about Caregiving

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What Families Need to Know about Caregiving

If you are taking on the role of providing care for a loved one who is aging, ill or recovering from an injury, it is important to understand some of the challenges you might face. As a leading home care agency in Centennial, we know that even the most loving and devoted families can struggle with caregiving. However, understanding potential challenges can better help you prepare for them, ensuring the highest level of quality care is provided and that your loved one’s needs are met.

  • Caregiving requires a considerable time commitment. As a result, many caregivers leave lucrative careers or cut back on working hours outside of the home. This often causes unanticipated financial stress. For some, hiring a professional caregiver helps to free time so the family caregiver can focus on work commitments and continue to earn a comfortable income. Click here to learn more about in-home caregivers in Centennial and how they can help support seniors and their families.
  • Providing care for a loved one often results in giving up social activities and reducing interaction with friends and family members. For many caregivers, this increases their susceptibility to mental health concerns including depression, caregiver stress and even suicidal ideations. Caregivers need to understand the importance of respite time and ask for assistance from others when necessary.
  • Caregivers often fail to consider their own health concerns because of the amount of attention they spend caring for loved ones. Failing to take care of themselves often reduces their ability to provide effective care and can decrease their loved ones’ ability to remain at home. It is of the utmost importance for caregivers to attend annual well visits, takemedications as prescribed, eat a healthy diet and participate in appropriate exercise.
  • Many seniors visit their doctors independently, and they often fail to accurately report back to their families about important medical concerns, medication needs or therapy recommendations. Family caregivers should make attempts to escort their loved ones to medical appointments, take notes and effectively communicate with medical professionals. If this is not possible due to time constraints or other commitments, professional part-time caregivers in South Metro Denver can provide safe and reliable transportation and accompaniment to medical appointments, along with helping with household chores and personal care.
  • Caregiver duties are not always equally divided. For many families, siblings living closest to elderly parents take on the majority of caregiver responsibilities. Those siblings are not always good about speaking up and asking when they need help. Talk to your relatives about assisting if you are acting as the primary family caregiver. Those who cannot make a time commitment can always contribute money to help.

Understanding these facts can help caregivers to overcome challenges and feel a sense of security about their caregiver responsibilities. For more information about caring for seniors at home, reach out to the hourly and live-in home care experts at Home Care Assistance of Centennial at 303-957-3100. We are available to answer questions 24/7 and can help you schedule a complimentary consultation if you would like to learn more about home care.


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