The Benefits of Green Tea for Seniors

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The Benefits of Green Tea for Seniors

At Centennial Home Care Assistance, we’re always looking to share new information about senior health and wellness with our clients and couldn’t pass this one up! According to a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, seniors who consumed green tea daily experienced more mental sharpness, significant weight loss and remained self-sufficient longer. Although researchers noted that a healthy lifestyle is vital for overall health, seniors who drank the hot beverage each day showed significant health benefits that were not related to standard tea or coffee.

So why green tea? Green tea contains high amounts of natural occurring caffeine that heightens alertness, boosts mood and improves memory. According to a study that contained thousands of participants, researchers believe that the antioxidants in green tea play a role in protecting the brain and body cells from free radical damage. This also goes a long way in helping to reduce the need for Alzheimer’s and dementia care for seniors in the future. The consumption of green tea may be associated with increased functional ability and physical mobility in the elderly.

Research also suggests that green tea may help seniors trim a few stubborn pounds around the abdomen. As people age, metabolic resistance develops and the body has difficulty converting fat stores to usable energy. However, green tea contains an abundance of catechin polyphenols which increase the rate of metabolism and may contribute to weight loss. In addition, caffeine can act as an appetite suppressant and indirectly encourage more physical exercise by supplying extra energy throughout the day.

Though the benefits of green tea may be numerous, seniors should consult their healthcare provider before adding the beverage to their diet if they take certain medications such as:

  • High blood pressure drugs
  • Blood thinning preparations
  • Antibiotics
  • Cardiovascular drugs

Even though green tea cannot be identified as an exclusive ingredient to better health as people age, the scientists who conducted the study also noted that participants who benefited from green tea also practiced a healthier diet and were more socially active than their counterparts who did not drink the natural beverage.

So what are you waiting for? Start small and substitute your next coffee or beverage with a hot green tea and take steps toward better overall health! For more information about senior health and wellness, contact Home Care Assistance today at 303-957-3100. We offer complimentary consultations and offer custom hourly care plans for Centennial seniors which can include everything from healthy meal preparation to assistance with physical activities.


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