Fun DIY Halloween Costumes to Make with Seniors

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Ways For Elderly To Make Their Own Halloween Costumes in Centennial, CO

It can be hard for seniors to enjoy Halloween if they are physically disabled or require Centennial in-home stroke care. But you can help your loved one get in the spirit by dressing him or her up in some clever DIY costumes. Here are a few ideas to get you both started.

Pumpkin Pie

Seniors who want a Halloween-themed costume can dress head to toe in orange to look like a pumpkin pie. The focal point of the outfit is an orange shirt that can have the pi symbol drawn on or cut out with felt fabric. Add extra detail to the costume by hot gluing a small fake pumpkin to a headband to ensure that other costumed seniors understand the joke.


If you’re loved one isn’t afraid to be fully invested in his or her Halloween costume, you can help your loved one creep out his or her friends in a classic scary costume that is straight out of a horror film. Dress your senior loved one up in a prom dress and crown before spreading fake blood all over his or her ensemble to resemble Carrie.


Although cats are one of the most overused types of costumes on Halloween, you can add extra flair to your loved one’s outfit by having him or her dress up as a copycat. Purchase a pair of cat ears from a costume store and write out “copycat” on a white t-shirt. Have your loved one carry a few Xerox copies with him or her and even complete the look with a cat tail.

Bread Winner

Get creative with an easy DIY outfit by having your loved one wear a colored t-shirt and a fake metal that you can purchase from a party supply store. You’ll need to purchase a loaf of bread or a baguette to make it look like your loved one is the one who brings home the bacon with a witty costume.

Spooky Tooth Fairy

Creep out friends at a costume party or trick-or-treaters who knock on the door by having your loved one dress up as a demented tooth fairy. Buy a pair of wings and have your loved one don a blue tutu before dripping fake blood all over him or her. He or she can walk around with a pair of pliers from a tool box and ask to examine everyone’s mouth.

Seniors shouldn’t just wait for the holidays to have fun with friends and family. With help from Centennial Home Care Assistance, local seniors will get the interaction they need to lead active social lives. In addition to helping seniors maintain close ties with family and friends, we help seniors manage everyday tasks around the house without compromising their independence. Contact us at (303) 957-3100 today for more information and to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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