Helping an Aging Loved One Move into a New Home

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Helping an Aging Loved One Move into a New Home

At Centennial Home Care Assistance, we work with many seniors who have discovered that they no longer require such a large home or apartment for daily living. For this reason, many senior adults choose to downsize and move to a residence that requires less upkeep while allowing them to save money. If your aging parent has decided to move to a smaller residence, they will most likely need help moving and finalizing all paperwork and financial agreements. Here is how to help your aging parent with the move:

Start with Storage Areas
For many senior adults, the moving process is accompanied by sorting through many sentimental items which can make it hard to organize, pack and de-clutter. Begin in storage areas, such as closets and garages, and put out a large “donate” box. As they begin to sort through these items, they will gradually adjust to the idea of downsizing while envisioning how others might benefit from items they no longer need.

Identify New Ways to Display Memorabilia
Moving to a smaller residence usually means there will be less space to display memorabilia such as photographs and collections. If your loved one has walls filled with framed photos of the family, then consider placing these in an album that will take up less space. Collectibles can be memorialized in a group photograph that can be hung in the new residence.

Consider Professional Assistance
Moving to a new home is challenging at any age; however, older adults often have important documents and other belongings that may be better handled by a professional hourly caregiver, who is also able to make sure your aging loved one stays safe during the move.

Be Patient Throughout the Process
As you help your aging parent move, it is important to practice sensitivity and compassion. Often, senior adults will feel mixed emotions as they dredge up old memories that are attached to their belongings. By helping your parent identify which items they need and new ways to hold onto their memories, you will be able to smooth the transition to their new residence.

As your aging parent or loved on settles into their new home, perhaps now is the time to consider hiring a 24/7 live-in caregiver. Whether you’re concerned for your loved one’s safety or perhaps they just need help with transportation needs, a live-in caregiver can do it all. To set up a free in-home consultation, once you’re all moved in to your new home, simply call Home Care Assistance of Centennial at (303) 957-3100.


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