5 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Caregiving Routine

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5 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Caregiving Routine

When providing care at home for seniors, maintaining routines are very important. Routines help an elderly person know what is happening next, something that is especially helpful for seniors living with memory conditions. With a routine, seniors are also able to enjoy a sense of stability at home, promoting feelings of independence and quality of life. If you provide care for an aging parent or loved one, here are five ways to enhance your caregiving routine:

  1. Keep Routines Flexible – A routine is not a schedule; it is not a list of things that have to be done at the same time every day. It is simply a list of things that happen in the same order every day. For instance, a bedtime routine could be: brush teeth, put on night cream, get dressed, lie down.
  2. Try to Re-create the Past – As much as possible, try to incorporate routines that are the same or similar as the ones your loved one used to do. Just because you normally read before bed doesn’t mean your mother or father has to.
  3. Focus on Ability – Instead of worrying about all the things your loved one can no longer do, discover the things that he or she can do. For instance, maybe dad can no longer see the newspaper to read it, but perhaps he could use earphones to listen to the news on the radio. Finding alternatives for favorite activities can help enhance your loved one’s mood and overall outlook.
  4. Organization is Key – When you are providing care for an aging parent or loved one, it helps to be organized. Keep a list of things that are done each day and keep track of changes in your loved one’s overall health. While writing these things down is an option, there are also a variety of free and easy-to-use mobile apps which can help you keep track of the day’s activities.
  5. Get Input – If you aren’t sure what types of things to include in your daily routine, seek input from other family members and your loved one’s doctor. You may also want to consider outside help from a professional Centennial home caregiver. They’ll be able to take on some of your responsibilities so you can enjoy respite, and can also incorporate new things into your loved one’s routine to promote safety, comfort and independence.

By establishing and maintaining routines, caring for your aging loved one will be easier on both of you. Knowing what to expect each day will ease anxiousness for everyone involved.

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