Elderly Woman with Uterine Cancer Took End-of-Life Road Trip

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End-of-Life-Road Trip for Senior Woman with Uterine Cancer in Centennial, CO

As a final sendoff and a way to enjoy the last stage of her life, an elderly woman known only as Miss Norma from northern Michigan chose to take an adventure with her family after she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Centennial, CO, home care providers document her heroic end-of-life journey in the article below.

Although her doctor told her that both surgery and chemotherapy were an option, the 90-year-old woman was exhausted and knew it would be hard on her 101-pound body to endure either treatment. After receiving her diagnosis just two days after losing her husband after 67 years of marriage, she chose to use the bad news as an opportunity to travel the U.S. on a cross-country trip with her family in tow. Her doctor was fully supportive and agreed with the plans for her to enjoy the last stage of her life.

“You are doing exactly what I would want to do in this situation. Have a fantastic trip!” said her doctor.

Miss Norma’s travels across the U.S. in a motor home were followed by over 66,000 people on her Facebook page, which showed her visiting alien museums in Roswell, New Mexico and making a stop at the Grand Canyon with her beloved poodle Ringo always by her side. Her first stop was at Mt. Rushmore before traveling to Wyoming, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, and Louisiana. Her son Ted and daughter-in-law Ramie accompanied her on the trip and offered their full support of allowing her to choose how to live after her diagnosis.

“Everyone has different ideas about how they want the end of their life to work. As a planet, we need to have this conversation,” said Ramie.

Miss Norma hoped to encourage other individuals to discuss end-of-life plans with their families and Centennial caregivers. She also hoped to encourage seniors to take an adventure when the opportunity arises instead of choosing to endure the mental and physical decline associated with terminal illnesses. Her travels allowed her to remain in the present and truly enjoy life instead of adopting an end-of-life mentality that can often feel isolating.

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