Personality Traits Lead to Longer Life Expectancy

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Traits Lead to Longer Life Expectancy

While the average life expectancy in the United States is roughly 79 years, there are many factors that go into getting to that magic number or beyond it. Aside from genetics and basic lifestyle choices, research suggests that certain personality traits can also contribute to a longer life.


A general desire to do what’s right, whether it be completing a task in the correct way or helping a friend, can make a senior feel good about themself. This positive feeling of self-esteem can further go on to reduce stress levels and increase the production of endorphins, which can naturally reduce feelings of depression. In addition to being thrifty, prudent and persistent (in a good way), conscientiousness also includes maintaining self-control and being reasonably well-organized.


People of any age who are naturally optimistic tend to do more to take care of themselves, whether it be getting regular exercise or taking other preventative measures like going to the doctor for periodic checkups throughout the year. People who are optimistic are also more likely to maintain a positive attitude when receiving treatment for conditions like cancer or while recuperating from surgery or illness, increasing the odds of recovery.


While it’s only human to experience a wide range of emotions, laughter really is the best medicine when it comes to living longer. Studies suggest that maintaining a positive attitude and frequently finding the humor in life may just add some much-appreciated years to one’s life.

Social Engagement

Human interaction can lead to everything from experiencing new things to having a sense of purpose in one’s senior years. One study suggests that maintaining strong social connections can boost survival odds by as much as fifty percent. Being outgoing or naturally extroverted can also be helpful since keeping emotions bottled up can lead to stress-related conditions like ulcers and insomnia.

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