4 Exercise Habits All Seniors Should Stick With

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4 Exercise Habits All Seniors Should Stick With

Today’s seniors are now more aware than ever of how many benefits can accrue from keeping in good shape. A healthy and active lifestyle can help reduce the risk of numerous diseases, decrease fall risk, and lead to better emotional and mental health. While almost any exercise habit is a good one, here are four in particular that all seniors should stick with.

  1. Walk the Walk – Even if it’s just an easy, quarter-mile loop in your favorite neighborhood park or a stroll with your dog around the block, most senior care experts agree that walking is the single best exercise you can do as the benefits for your breathing, muscles, circulation and immune system are enormous. You may also consider walking with a partner or a Centennial caregiver as studies show you’re more likely to follow through with an exercise activity when there is a social aspect involved.
  2. Just Breathe – You don’t have to be a yoga expert to benefit from a daily routine of breathing exercises. Simply taking a deep breath, holding it for the count of 5 or 10 and releasing it slowly is enough to promote respiratory health, boost energy levels and even help reduce stress or anxiety.
  3. Stretch It Out – Simple stretching exercises should be another part of your daily routine. Doing a series of poses to stretch the muscles in the arms, legs and back will lead to better posture and gait, increased joint suppleness and decreased pain or stiffness in the back, a very common problem among seniors. These types of stretches also help enhance mobility so that activities of daily living can be performed independently for as long as possible.
  4. Drink It Up – Whatever exercise you are participating in, drinking water before, during and after the workout is one of the healthiest parts of the routine. Adequate water intake will prevent dehydration (which can happen quickly in the elderly), keep the body cooler and more comfortable during the workout and help excrete wastes from the body in the form of sweat or urine.

None of the activities above are complicated or expensive. Furthermore, sticking with these four simple exercise habits can have you looking and feeling great as you enter your golden years. For more senior health tips, contact Home Care Assistance of Centennial today. We are a leading provider of home care, proudly serving seniors and families in the Southeast Suburban Metro Denver area. Visit our website at www.centennialhomecareassistance.com or call 303-957-3100 to speak with a devoted Care Manager today.


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