Exceptional Post-Hospital Care & Monitoring 24/7

Following a surgical procedure, injury or illness, seniors and their families rely on Home Care Assistance for comprehensive post-hospital care in Centennial, CO. One of the leading causes of slow recovery or readmission to the hospital is from improper support following discharge. To combat this growing problem, Home Care Assistance has developed a Transition Home Package™ that specifically focuses on the critical 72 hours following a hospital stay. Designed to help families plan effectively for discharge, our Transition Home Package™ offers peace of mind to overwhelmed family caregivers, while ensuring a comfortable, safe and smooth transition from hospital to home for senior patients.

Careful Post-Hospital Care Planning Ensures Peace of Mind

The post-hospitalization experience is a source of tremendous anxiety for patients and their families who are faced with coordinating home care after a hospital discharge. To alleviate any concerns, our certified Care Manager will help you plan for each step in the transition from hospital to home. In addition to explaining the discharge process, they can also provide information on common issues associated with specific medical conditions.

The Care Manager will then help create a customized post-hospital care plan for your aging loved one. This can include anything from assistance with household chores that may be too difficult for a recently discharged patient to perform to providing medication reminders and transportation to critical follow-up appointments. Care is also available on a flexible hourly or full time basis, providing our clients with the freedom to choose the post-hospital care schedule they are most comfortable with.

Ongoing Support Provided by Our Transition Home Package™

Throughout the post-hospital care process, caregivers will continue to evaluate the safety of the senior at home, providing recommendations about additional equipment or home modifications to aid and support recovery. Families can also expect regular status updates from our care team,at their discretion. We understand that this period can be distressing and want to include you in the care process, keeping you as informed as possible. During the care process, our Care Managers can be reached twenty four hours a day to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Promoting Independent Living for Seniors in Centennial, CO

Statistics show that more than 35% of adults are readmitted to the hospital within 90 days of being discharged. In a majority of these cases, readmission is a direct result of overexertion, not taking medications properly or the inability to attend follow-up appointments. Don’t let this happen to you or an aging loved one. Contact Home Care Assistance of Centennial today and let us help your aging loved one return to independent living at home. For more information about our post-hospital care plans, contact a Care Manager at (303) 957-3100.