Activities to Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

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Activities to Help Prevent Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s is a disease that can have a dramatic impact on individuals as well as their families. While there is still much that needs to be learned about this condition, certain natural supplements and treatments show promise in helping to prevent it. Home Care Assistance of Centennial offers a few natural and safe measures that are good for the brain and may also delay or prevent symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

  • Consume Healthy FatsConsuming more Omega-3 fatty acids has many health benefits, and these extend to the brain. There is evidence that people who consume fatty fish or who take fish oil supplements are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s. Some good sources of fish include tuna, mackerel and wild salmon.
  • Eat a Mediterranean DietThere is no precise formula for following a Mediterranean diet, but some of the foods that are recommended include lots of vegetables, fish, olive oil and poultry. This way of eating also means consuming less red meat than the typical modern diet. Individuals can consume certain carbohydrates such as bread and pasta, but in moderate quantities. The overall focus is on lean, protein-rich foods and healthy fats.
  • Use Your BrainOne of the best ways to keep your memory sharp and to maintain mental alertness is to regularly engage in activities that challenge the brain. This may include reading, watching educational TV programs or movies, playing music, doing puzzles or engaging in stimulating conversation.
  • Socialize – As people age, it’s important that they maintain regular social contacts. This is true for cognitive as well as emotional reasons. Spending time with other people such as close friends, family or even a caregiving companion can aid in stimulating the brain and enhancing alertness. There is evidence that those who are socially isolated are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s than those who are more socially connected.

If you have an aging parent, grandparent or elderly loved one who has already been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, there are ways to help. Click here for information about in-home Alzheimer’s care in Centennial or contact a Care Manager today at (303) 957-3100 to learn about the specialty care available to seniors with Alzheimer’s.


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