Signs Back Pain May Be Serious

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Signs Back Pain May Be Serious

Back pain is a common physical condition that can occur at any age with varying levels of severity. Due to the prevalence of back pain in the senior population, it can sometimes be difficult to determine when it has become serious enough to warrant further investigation. For this reason, seniors and their loved ones should be aware of the following signs that back pain may be a symptom of a serious health condition.

  • Pain Occurring with Other Symptoms – Senior adults can expect a few aches and pains in response to an increase in their normal daily activity. However, anytime pain is accompanied by other symptoms, there may be something more going on than just a strained muscle. Numbness, weakness or paralysis in the back or limbs may signal that an injury or nerve damage may be contributing to the back pain.
  • Inability to Perform Normal Activities – Someone who has dealt with back pain for years may be capable of going about their daily routine with only a few modifications or minimal assistance from an hourly caregiver in Centennial. Yet, serious back pain will render a person unable to bend, sit or stand as they normally would. Once back pain has begun to limit a person’s movement, it is time to have it assessed by a physician.
  • Current Therapies No Longer Working – Many senior adults take a prescribed medication or participate in therapeutic exercise programs designed to alleviate back pain. While these therapies may work for years, new health conditions may arise that could cause them to no longer work. Seniors who still have pain despite following their treatment plan may need to have their current schedule reexamined to determine if changes need to be made.
  • New Pain After a Recent Fall or Injury – Anytime a senior adult falls or is involved in an accident, it is possible for them to have an injury to their back. It is also important to note that back pain can occur in the days or weeks following an injury. Therefore, family members need to take note of when the injury occurred so that this can be included in the senior’s medical information.

The best way to avoid permanent back pain is to seek prompt treatment anytime these signs are noted. If your aging parent or loved one suffers from back pain that limits them from completing their activities of daily living or personal care routine, contact Home Care Assistance of Centennial today. We are a leading provider of senior care in southeast suburban Centennial, CO and provide seniors with the high-quality care they need to maintain their independence, dignity and quality of life from the comfort of home. To schedule a complimentary, risk free consultation, dial 303-957-3100 and speak with a devoted Care Manager.


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