It’s Possible to Live an Active Lifestyle with COPD

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Life After a COPD Diagnosis

Living an active lifestyle with COPD can be challenging, but it is also one of the best things that seniors can do to alleviate their symptoms and control the disease. When simple activities such as eating can cause breathing challenges, many seniors wonder whether getting back into the swing of things is actually possible. Following are several tips from Centennial senior care professionals that can help.

Establish an Appropriate Exercise Plan

Your senior family member can gain tremendous benefits from a regular exercise plan. Talk to his or her doctor in order to obtain a list of recommended fitness activities. Mild, non-impact exercises such as yoga tend to be best for seniors with COPD, given that they have a strong focus on breath consciousness and create a sense of calm. Regular exercise can limit COPD symptoms, improve sleep, lower blood pressure, and build respiratory endurance.

Maintain Air Quality

It is important to avoid exacerbating COPD systems with a living environment that has poor indoor air quality. Have the air ducts cleaned and HVAC filters changed regularly. It is also a good idea to have a mold check performed and invest in a high-quality air purifier. Clean indoor air can help seniors gain and maintain the energy they need for functioning optimally.

Implement a Healthy COPD Diet

Healthy diets are essential for fighting off COPD chest infections and for ensuring that seniors are getting the nutrients they need. Family members or in-home caregivers should remove processed foods from the home and focus on serving foods that are available closest to their natural state. Seniors with COPD can benefit from regular servings of low-fat cheese given the added calcium that cheese supplies as well as potatoes, oranges, bananas and tomatoes, which are rich sources of potassium.

Join a Support Group

Look around for a local or online support group for seniors with COPD. This will give aging adults a chance to connect with people who are facing similar challenges and to learn new strategies for managing this disease. Maintaining an active social life can be just as important for senior health as maintaining an active physical life.

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