The Strategic Planning Group on Aging in Colorado

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Strategic Planning Group on Aging

The “Silver Tsunami”, a term used to describe an aging population on the move, is here in Colorado. Studies show that in just 15 years, almost 25 percent of Colorado’s population will be over the age of 60.

In order to support this aging demographic, the Strategic Planning Group on Aging in Colorado has created the HB-1033. Along with new legislation in support of seniors, HB-1033 is being regarded as an intelligent plan whose core focus is to implement steps to educate private and public organizations on ways to respond to the changing demographics of the state and how to address accompanying challenges.

The issues that accompany an increasingly, aging population have long-term implications for how Colorado’s economic future will take shape. Financial stresses will affect many people, including seniors and lower to middle-income families. There will also be a considerable amount of new stresses levied on public and private sectors to create budgets, provide housing, and deliver adequate transportation services for this new population. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid programs are additional support services that will experience the pressure.

To help plan for a successful future, data points are being compiled on the following:

  • Statewide and regional Colorado demographic shifts
  • Future impacts on the state’s businesses, labor forces, and the overall economy
  • Baby boomer financial security
  • Professional caregiving capabilities and options for home care in South Metro Denver
  • The case for federal funding and possible reductions
  • Educational campaigns to improve family preparedness

Everything in Colorado will be impacted; from how home and suburbs are designed and built to tax revenues and transportation for older adults. Planners and policy makers will need to brainstorm and implement ways to retrofit their communities to help senior adults stay active, healthy, and independent for as long as they can.

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