Is It Time to Switch from Part-Time Care to Live-In Care?

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Part-Time Care to Live-In Care?

Making sure your senior loved one has the right level of care means knowing when it’s time to make changes to the care they’re receiving. This often comes down to a choice between part-time assistance and live-in care. Recognizing signs it’s time to make a switch can help you and your loved one make a confident decision.

1. Independence Level Changes

Changes in a senior’s independence level are often gradual. Yet when you notice increased difficulty with some tasks, you may want to increase the level of in-home care your loved one receives so they can safely retain their cherished personal freedom. Changes in independence can include:

  • Frequently forgetting to take medications
  • Not paying bills on time or at all
  • Occasional confusion, especially over complex tasks

2. Medical Conditions Advance

If your senior loved one has a progressive condition such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, their level of independence is likely to change over time. As their condition advances, it may be time to switch to comprehensive Centennial Alzheimer’s home care for their own personal safety.

3. Comfort/Safety Level Changes

There may come a time when concern for your loved one’s safety grows or when their requests for assistance from you and other family members increases beyond what they’re receiving from part-time caregivers. At that point it may be time to consider stepping up the level of care they’re receiving. Comfort and safety concerns can also result from:

  • Trouble preparing meals throughout the day
  • Difficulty navigating their way to the bathroom at night
  • Increased mobility issues

It’s often a judgment call when deciding if it’s time to switch from part-time assistance to live-in care. Realize that it’s perfectly normal for care needs to change over time. Fortunately, there are plenty of Centennial home care options available that can allow your loved one to remain as independent as possible without sacrificing their safety.

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