Weight Training Eases Parkinson’s Symptoms

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Weight Training Eases Parkinson's Symptoms

Parkinson’s is a disease known by many to restrict movements, with patients experiencing a range of mobility issues from muscle rigidity and body stiffness to the loss of balance and muscle tone. However, did you know that daily movement can actually help counteract and minimize associated mobility problems? As a leading provider of Parkinson’s care in Centennial, we always recommend that our clients with Parkinson’s incorporate weight training exercises at least twice a week. While certain weight training exercises may be difficult to complete at first, over-time they become easier and can help prolong independence and quality of life.

The Latest Research

Routine exercise is important for seniors and older adults with Parkinson’s and should include activities that promote flexibility, balance and range of motion. However, a recent study conducted by the American Academy of Neurology presented findings where individuals who incorporated weight training exercises into their weekly routine a minimum of twice a week had a significant improvement over those who participated solely in stretching and balance activities.

Physical & Mental Benefits

Weight training exercises help slow the degeneration of muscle and bone strength and promote balance and flexibility. This is especially beneficial for Parkinson’s patients who are also more susceptible to falls as well as conditions such as osteoporosis. While the physical benefits of exercise are more easily observed, there are also a handful of mental benefits provided by resistance training. Studies report that this type of exercise can improve several aspects of cognition in older adults, enhancing memory and ability to complete memory related tasks and improving executive functioning.

Enlist the Help of an Expert

It’s always best to speak with a physician first before incorporating new exercises into your fitness routine. That said, individuals with Parkinson can garner a better outcome when they enlist the help of an expert. A physical therapist or personal trainer can tailor the right program based on a person’s needs, and can also implement a plan that focuses on one muscle group per every workout. For assistance with recommended therapy exercises at home, consider the help of a professional caregiver who provides hourly care in Centennial.

Weight Lifting Recommendations

Always start out slow with a weight lifting program, starting with low amounts of weights or resistance bands. Once the patient becomes familiar with the exercises and beings to gain confidence, more weight and new exercises can be added to the routine. In addition, whether the senior is using a strength training machine or barbells and free weights, all exercises should be done in accordance with the patient’s current abilities and comfort level.

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