How Seniors with Alzheimer’s Benefit from Keeping Routines

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Routine Benefits Seniors With AD in Centennial, CO

Seniors with Alzheimer’s usually respond very well when they have a strict balanced schedule. The reason that this is so helpful is that the schedule goes into the long-term memory, which is usually stronger in seniors with AD. Alzheimer’s home caregivers in Centennial will notice the following benefits if they help their loved ones maintain a balanced schedule.

Scheduling Helps Solve Sleeping Issues

One of the most common complaints among seniors with Alzheimer’s is that they have trouble with insomnia. Creating a schedule where the senior goes to bed at the same time each night and gets up at the same time every morning often helps to solve this issue. Many Alzheimer’s and dementia home caregivers in Centennial find that seniors who are on a regular schedule have less problems with sundowner’s syndrome as well.

Routine Creates Time for Daily Living Skills

Most seniors with Alzheimer’s take longer to complete daily living tasks. For example, it may take a senior 30 minutes to eat a simple meal or 60 minutes to get dressed each day. Creating a schedule helps ensure that there is enough time for these necessary activities. In turn, the senior often relaxes as they do not find it necessary to hurry.

Routines Increase Safety

Seniors with Alzheimer’s often function better at certain times of the day. Therefore, family caregivers can use this to their advantage when creating the schedule. For example, baths can be scheduled during the part of the day when seniors are most likely to be alert, minimizing the chance of seniors falling or injuring themselves.

Scheduling Leaves Time for Fun

As schedules get imprinted into the long-term memory, many seniors with Alzheimer’s are able to do things faster as they do not spend as much time wondering what they are supposed to do next. This creates openings in the schedule that can be used for fun activities that seniors enjoy.

Family caregivers should welcome scheduling into their lives and reach out to Home Care Assistance for help creating them. Our highly trained Centennial, CO, in-home care providers encourage seniors to maintain balanced schedules to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Call (303) 957-3100 or go online to learn more about our comprehensive memory care and how it can benefit your loved one.


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